Desktop Application Services

"Are you looking to create desktop application for your business? Who will be your desktop application development partner for your business?"

You have landed on Diamond Solution. That will provide you easy to install, cost-effective & Platform independent desktop applications which are powerful, persistent & boast better functionalities. We have the software professionals to help you evaluate your custom software application development requirements, recommend and install application software development solutions, provide software design services, develop custom application software, and if necessary, provide software integration services. We can help you insure that your business software meets your operational objectives. Our application software development team has extensive experience in system analysis, software design, software integration, software design, custom software development, installation, training and support on a variety of platforms and languages. Our easy to use and easily accessible Desktop Applications will help you to enjoy a high-tech desktop environment. Applications that we develop can instantly synchronize the content, give access to file very quickly and will always be ready to manage content.

The Range of services that we offer in Desktop Application Development includes:
  • Custom database application software B2B and B2C custom ecommerce software Custom accounting software CRM and sales reporting systems
  • Desktop software management
  • Desktop to web software Migration / Integration
Many notable and successful desktop applications are developed using:
  • Visual Basic
  • .Net
  • Visual C++
  • Dev Express Tool
  • Microsoft Silver light
  • C#, C, C++
  • AJAX
  • SQLServer
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL
Features of Desktop Applications:
  • Easy navigation
  • Multiple operating system compatibility
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Quick to install
  • Flexibility
  • Can be integrated on client's independent platform
  • Data mining
  • Security
  • Backup/archiving
  • Application logs
  • Support big files
  • Role-based access of the information
  • Cost effective

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